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The exciting world of Parkour and Freerunning incorporates running, jumping, climbing and vaulting through urban landscapes and natural environments. This kind of training is the ultimate activity for physical and mental development. It builds strength, power, agility and self-confidence. It encourages creativity and challenges the mind.

With safety as our highest priority, Stunt Gym provides a dynamic training ground in a structured and controlled environment. All of our senior instructors are professional stunt performers who have a unique understanding of physical and mental capabilities and limitations.

Beginner sessions introduce fundamental skills and begin developing coordination and strength. As students progress to advanced sessions they'll build up to more complex movements requiring precision, agility and power.

Stunt Gym offers classes for all ages and skill levels including sessions for kids, teens, adults and school groups.

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For the first time in Stunt Gym's history we will be offering open floor sessions through the week. Open to new and existing customers, these sessions give you the opportunity to get creative with your parkour.

Build your own course, practice your skills, train for your grading. These sessions are your opportunity to build your confidence and grow as a traceur.

Bookings are essential, so get in touch and reserve your spot.


At Stunt Gym we take pride in helping our students develop a strong, positive mindset and milestones are an important part of that development. In order to give students the opportunity to record their progress and realise their potential, we've created the Stunt Gym Parkour and Freerunning grading system.

With each level comes a new set of challenges; a new set of techniques to be mastered, a new degree of strength and fitness to conquer. Gradings are held four times a year with workshops available in the lead up to help students master the skills they need.

These gradings are not mandatory. If students choose to progress at their own pace and in their own unique way they will still be given every bit of guidance, direction and motivation our instructors have to offer.

Stunt Gym also provides parkour sessions for scouts and cubs, corporate groups, vacation care, and other private groups.