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A working stuntman since 1986, stunt coordinator Tony Lynch recognised the need for a professional training facility in Sydney. Wanting to share his extensive knowledge of the industry with the next generation, in August 2012, Tony and Kerry Lynch opened the doors to Stunt Gym.

They began by training a small group of dedicated hopefuls. Now, with a team of more than two dozen highly skilled stunt performers, Stunt Gym is leading the way as one of Australia's best stunt training facilities.

The Stunt Gym parkour program began with only one class and a handful of students. Thanks to our elite team of parkour instructors it has evolved into a world class program with over 400 students of all ages and abilities. And when they're not working on films, our instructors are mentoring students through the parkour program and training future stunt performers and actors.

With more on the horizon, Stunt Gym is only getting bigger and better from here.

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Parkour's roots can be traced back to France in the 1980's. In the early 2000's it exploded onto the world stage through films like Casino Royale and District B13, featuring founders David Belle and Sebastian Foucan.

An exploration into physical movement, body control and mental dexterity, 'the art of movement' is the journey to find flow and efficiency in motion. Freerunning, on the other hand, looks to find expression and flair in movement with stylistic additions like flips and acrobatics.

With safety as our top priority, we use a combination of custom-built boxes, bars and ropes to simulate a new urban environment to explore and conquer every week.

All of our senior instructors are professional stunt performers with a unique understanding of mental and physical limitations and how to overcome them.

Parkour and Freerunning

S U C C E S S  S T O R I E S

“This was the first place that got our son excited about training and working out. It's great to see him in action and come home exhausted and smiling. A blessing away from devices and screens”
“My son absolutely loves Stunt Gym, he gets to partake in this amazing sport whilst being guided and trained by true professionals” 
“They focus on safety and create an amazing variety of challenges which inspire the kids to be creative and have fun.  An entirely non-competitive environment which is great for building self-confidence, fitness, coordination and agility. More schools should offer this.
Love this place and the team who run it.”
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