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What We Teach

Our parkour program has been designed around traditional parkour.

We focus on the motives and safety aspects behind every skill. During our school term program, we teach the fundamental movements and mentalities of l'art lu déplacement (the art of displacement). Our parkour gym features many different obstacles that replicate real-world scenarios, to help students learn to navigate their enviromnent through the lens of parkour.

A person doing a parkour speed vault
A person jumping to a vault box

Why Parkour 

Parkour isn't just a physical sport, but a mental one too. Students learn to overcome fear, gaining confidence in themselves, which easily transfers to all aspects of life.

Parkour builds up functional, full-body strength, endurance, power and agility. As students are taught vault, swing, jump and land, they gain coordination and confidence in their own skills and abilities. 

Our parkour gym is not only for training but also community. Come join us as we learn and train together, celebrating victories and helping each other grow!

The term program

Each week, our instructors methodically cover all the fundamental skills of parkour, including safety and bailing strategies, vaulting, landings, climbing, bar work, wall work, and flow. Students should have gained newfound abilities at the end of each term to confidently complete difficult challenges that would have seemed impossible initially.

A person doing a parkour move called a cat.
A person doing a reverse vault

Who our classes are for

You don't need to be fit to start parkour, but doing parkour will make you fitter! Stunt Gym offers parkour lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. We run classes for both kids and adults. Our coaches help guide each student towards their goals, whether to get fit whilst having fun, learning to overcome mental barriers, becoming better traceurs, or just having a good time! Beginner sessions introduce fundamental skills and begin developing coordination and strength. As students progress to advanced sessions, they'll build up to more complex movements requiring precision, agility, and power.

Open Sessions

Though instructed Stunt Gym classes are available after school, during weekends, and on school holidays, we also run open sessions. These are one-hour time slots where students of all skill levels can train whatever movements they want. The equipment is free for students to design their own parkour park to train in. These times are incredibly beneficial in cultivating each student's creativity and helping them to take charge of their training. 


Is parkour safe for kids?

A person doing a parkour dive roll

Parkour can be safe for kids. Our parkour program teaches each student to bulletproof their body. Our instructors teach each student how to fall when things go wrong so they don't get hurt. We teach each student how to effectively mitigate the risk involved with parkour so they can safely and confidently train. Learning to fall can carry into everyday life, whether you trip on a rock, fall on a flight of stairs, or slip on the floor. These things are initially dangerous, but once the core concepts of ukemi are learned and internalised, a safe falling response becomes second nature.

Parkour is useful

Since parkour involves the whole body doing natural, primal movements, each student also develops extremely functional strength. The motions used to scale walls, jump large distances and vault over high objects are extreme versions of running, walking up stairs, and general callisthenics movements. As such, the physical capabilities of parkour are easily transferred to other sports and life.

A girl doing a flag
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