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1.1 Starting your membership

Your membership starts on the date of your first membership payment. Any classes you'd like to attend before that date will be charged as casual visits.

Reception staff can assist you in setting up your membership and are able to give you more information on our timetable and suitable classes. Reception will book you into your classes once decided to be an appropriate choice.

1.2 Membership term

Stunt training membership is for a 12-month term, starting with your first payment. 

Stunt training membership cannot be frozen or paused. Exceptions are made for long term illness and/or injury, personal hardship and pregnancy.

1.3 What are the costs?

Stunt training is membership based. The cost of weekly training is $69, paid by bank transfer. There is also a $300 joining fee (t-shirt and stunt conditioning book included). Membership includes adult parkour and conditioning classes.

Driver training is run from our farm and are an additional cost, prices on application at the time of booking.

A $10 fee will be charged for invoices 7 days or more overdue.

1.4 Is there an age limit for stunt training?

Stunt Gym welcomes all students aged 16 and over has no limitations for seniors. So long as you're in good health you're welcome to train with us.

If you are under 18 a parent or guardian needs to sign you up. 

1.5 Your health


When you start your membership with Stunt Gym you are confirming with us that you are in good physical health and are not aware of any reason why you should not be participating in parkour or freerunning.

Stunt training is an intense physical activity. It's important to remember that none of our staff are medically trained. We are trained in first aid response, but we can't tell you what injuries or illnesses are safe to train with. If you're questioning it at all we recommend you see an expert before joining in any classes.

1.6 Suitability for stunt training

Stunt Gym has limited capacity for taking on stunt trainees. All new stunt trainees will be assessed on their skill level, attitude, work ethic and fit within the wider the training group. 


2.1 Paying your membership fees

Membership invoices will be sent to you on a Monday. Invoices are to be paid by bank transfer (details to be supplied). 

Please set up a regular payment from your account to Stuntgym Pty Ltd using the participant's name as a reference.

If after 7 days the outstanding amount has not been paid you will be charged a late payment fee of $10. If you fall more than 14 days behind on payment you won't be able to participate in training until you're up to date.

If you've been charged or invoiced and you think there might be a mistake with it you can get in touch with us via email or give us a call and we will sort it out as quickly as we can.

2.2 Cancellation policy

Membership can be cancelled after a minimum period of 4-weeks and notification must be given in writing with no less then 7-days’ notice. (Please note, stunt training stops for 3-weeks over the Christmas period and all memberships will be frozen for this time). 

2.3 Can Stunt Gym change your membership?

Stunt Gym might make changes over time to the offerings included in memberships or their pricing. We promise that for any change we plan to make, big or small, you will be notified with 7 days  notice.

We send out notifications via email and will always send a follow-up reminder closer to the date. If you have any questions about the changes we're making make sure you get in touch before they go ahead.

2.4 How to behave at the gym

Our top priority is safety. That comes above everything else. Stunt Gym has a detailed code of conduct we expect all students and staff to uphold at all times (see item 5 below).

If at any point we believe you aren't acting safely, that your behaviour is putting yourself or others at risk, or that you are not following Stunt Gym's code of conduct, we will ask you to step out of your session and discuss how to behave correctly in the gym. If this type of behaviour continues we will ask you to stop participating altogether until such a time as we trust you to behave more in line with our code of conduct.

2.5 Social media policy

Participants are not permitted to post any video clips filmed during stunt training on social media without prior approval from a senior stunt training instructor. 


3.1 Getting graded as a stunt performer


Stunt Gym is for people who are serious about working as a stunt performer. However, participating in stunt training does not guarantee a candidate will pass the SAP grading nor does it guarantee a candidate will receive a grading reference from an MEAA graded stunt coordinator or stunt actor. 

3.2 Working as a stunt performer

Graded stunt performers need to be self-motivated in order to be hired. Training at Stunt Gym does not guarantee work with in any film or television projects that Stunt Gym is involved in.


4.1 How will Stunt Gym contact you?


Stunt Gym will contact you via the mobile phone or email you provide as contact options on your waiver. In the case of an emergency (i.e. an injury or other medical situation) we will attempt to make contact via all available means.

We do send email updates to keep you informed of changes at the gym and of upcoming events, but only with consent. If you want to opt out you can do so by using the link on our emails or by getting in touch with us.


4.2 What about your privacy?


At Stunt Gym we hold privacy in the highest regard and know that it is important to you too. In order for us to conduct our business safely we do collect information from our customers such as names, date of birth, contact details and medical information, but only what is volunteered to us with consent by our members.

Stunt Gym may use your contact details to get in touch with you or to send you promotional material, however we will not share any of the personal information you have provided with third parties for marketing purposes.


1. Always act safely and with regard for others' safety

As a student of Stunt Gym I will:

2. Show respect to my instructors, Stunt Gym staff and my fellow students

3. Show humility and honesty at all times

4. Treat Stunt Gym equipment and facilities respectfully

5. Perform to the best of my ability

6. Not practice the skills I learn in unsafe environments

7. Work to better myself

8. Always be supportive of those around me

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