Stunt training intake runs every 8 weeks. First you'll complete an assessment session. This covers basic body control skills such as vaulting, rolling, falling and calisthenic exercises. It also provides us an opportunity to meet face to face and answer any questions you may have.

The assessment isn't a pass or fail test and no prior training is required, however a good level of physical fitness is recommended. The session runs for 1 hour, priced at $110.


Stunt training is structured around workshops that build all the foundations of stunt performance. Over the first 8 weeks of your training there will be 6 fundamental workshops covering screen fighting, wire work and high falls.


These workshops are not mandatory, however if you miss one you may be unable to take part in more advanced workshops until you have completed it.


You'll have the opportunity to work on all the skills you learn in the workshops in our weekly stunt training sessions. On Thursdays at 8:30pm stunt training focuses on screen fighting and high falls. On Sunday at 6:30pm it's wire work and rigging.

These sessions will become available to those on Stunt Membership who have completed the requisite workshops (Thursday: Screen Fighting Level One, Sunday: Wire Level One).


For those who persevere, those who fully commit and those who don't give up, an invitation may be offered to join the stunt team. This will make available training sessions run by coordinator Tony Lynch with our team of stunt actors and SAP's, a great opportunity for anyone looking for a start in the industry.


Workshops can be done as stand-alone training or along with membership and weekly training. If you choose to do just the workshops they cost $175 individually, $450 for the three fight workshops or $850 for the group of six fundamentals. 

Membership, with access to weekly stunt training, parkour and conditioning sessions, is $50/week with a one-off $100 joining fee. Members can attend workshops for the reduced price of $125 each.


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