This agreement is made and entered into upon signing, by Stunt Gym Pty Ltd ABN 12 058 673 866 (“Stunt Gym”), and the following individual ("Recipient");

Stunt Gym provides a unique and independent service. Through years of development by owners and instructors, Stunt Gym has created a wholly distinctive method of training, teaching and advancement. As such, it is crucial to understand that everything including, but not limited to, lesson plans, course layouts, parkour and freerunning levels, equipment designs, and merchandise designs are intellectual property of Stunt Gym. Therefore, both Stunt Gym and the Recipient agree as follows; 
1. This agreement takes effect immediately upon both parties signing, and incorporates all intellectual property and proprietary information of Stunt Gym shared with the Recipient before and after this agreement comes into effect.  


2. The Recipient will keep in strict confidence any intellectual property and proprietary information shared by Stunt Gym and shall not disclose it to any person or entity not bound by this agreement. The Recipient will not publish, validate or otherwise disseminate (including, without limitation, by posting or referring to such information on social media platforms or other websites or forums) any information, photos or media of any kind that may relate to the intellectual property and proprietary information of Stunt Gym. 
3. The Recipient agrees not to replicate the intellectual property or proprietary information without Stunt Gym’s express prior authorization. All proprietary information and intellectual property will be duplicated only as authorized in writing by Stunt Gym. 

I have read all of the above and agree to the terms and conditions of this non-disclosure agreement as detailed by Stunt Gym. 

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